The flag case arrived yesterday.  It turned out beautifully.

Thank you

I received the flag case today. The workmanship is superb. I ordered this for my fathers’ flag. I am sure he would have been very proud to have his flag in such a beautiful case. Also the case arrived perfect because of the fine way it was packed…

I just wanted to let you know that the flag case just arrived and it is BEAUTIFUL……I surprised my Mom with it…She didn’t know I had set for it…. I told her that I wanted to get a nice one, because it’s the last thing I can buy my Dad…..Again Thank you very much

Earlier I purchased a flag case from you as a gift. I just wanted to let you know that they loved it. They had never seen one with etched glass and consider it to be very unique. The craftsmanship and the speediness of the delivery were excellent. I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. it was greatly appreciated and something that will long be remembered

Dear Mr. Reese:

We received your flag case today and it was just beautiful. My mother also cried. But that has been an on going thing since my fathers’ death. Everyone that saw it said how nice it was and the work was so detailed.

Thanks again,

I received my flag case today and I want to thank you very much. If looks amazing and it is by far one of the best jobs that I have seen in a long time. I thank you for your excellent business practices and when I buy my next case, I’ll definitely be getting it from you. Thank you again.


Thank you very much for your masterpiece. It’s the best flag case that I have ever seen. I am glad that I own one of your works of art. You really do a great service to all of our veterans and their families.


The flag case arrived today..  It is beautiful and I thank you for your prompt service.  I know you must take great pride in your work but doubt you can fully know the comfort this flag case will bring for my Mom,  The case I ordered is for the flag from my step-father’s service.  He was not an ordinary stepfather.  He and my Mom celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last year.  He passed away very suddenly.  He had not been ill.  So my Mom is just devastated.  She has his flag proped up on the  fireplace mantle in her family room.  Now she can put the flag into this case and keep it for the rest of her life.  Again, thank you.