About Flag Case Etched Glass

Each year thousands of flags from local, state, and federal are presented to military members, veteran, public official, the policeman, and their families in honor of dedication and service to their country. Flags are presented each year to policemen, firemen, other government, county, state officials, and their families. Flag case for Veteran burial. Presented to boy scouts recognizing their accomplishments. American Flag presented in Veteran Burial, order our etched glass to preserve your loved ones’ flag.

We offer laser etched wood case, etched awards, or gifts. Flag Case USA our specialty is Etched glass
These cherished memorial flags represent the “past, present, and future of this great nation and the dedication of those sworn to protect it.”
Thousands of flags are flown over the US Capitol commemorating retirements, birthdays, and others’ honors and achievements. Flags are also flown over Bases in Iraqi and Afghanistan, recognizing the outstanding service and sacrifice of our military service members.